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February 23, 2009


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Its very attractive artificial flower's, I am very thankful to you. I want to get information about How to make this; I hope you will help me. I like it so much.

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Delicacy and colorful combination, any one after receiving such colorful surprise by their loved ones will have a bucket full of happiness for a short but sweet Time in their life.

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The flowers are looking really really gorgeous...
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I love, love, love glamilias! I carried them for my bridal bouquet back in 19985. They looked just like camelias, which were out of season. My dad, a retired florist, had them made for me and taught me how to make them too. We use a rosebud or an unopened gladiola bud, and gladiola petals to build the flower.
Yours are beautiful! I love the single large flower.


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a cool site I like

Dan Lobb

A glamelia is made from gladiola blooms. Glads made to look like camelias = Glamelia!
Rose petals that are added to an open rose in the same fashion is called a "dutchess" rose.
I am old school.

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